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Palm Treo 750 Course Outline.

This course was designed for a company moving from Blackberry's to Palm Treo 750 running Windows Mobile 6 OS

Here is what the full course contains: (click on the highlighted links to view the lesson)

Chapter 1 Overview

Lesson 1 Getting Started
Lesson 2 Moving from Blackberry to Treo with WM6

Chapter 2 Navigation

Lesson 1 Using the Today Screen
Lesson 2 Changing your Personal Preferences

Chapter 3 Tips and Tricks

Lesson 1 Quick Tips

Changing fonts

Screen brightness


Changing buttons

Changing sounds

Changing notifications

Lesson 2 Conserving Power

Lesson 3 Resetting your Treo

Lesson 4 Memory Management

Lesson 5 Ringtones

Lesson 6 Bluetooth

Lesson 7 Beaming

Chapter 4 Working with Applications

Lesson 1 Phone Applications
Lesson 2 Office Applications




Lesson 3 File Explorer

Lesson 4 Messaging

Lesson 5 Active Sync

information on how to bring this course to your site contact drafferty@mwconputing.com


Updated 10/21/2008