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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2007 Course Outline

This course is designed for new Microsoft Word 2007 users.

Getting Started with Microsoft Word 2007 Beginning Courserword2007box.gif


Chapter One: The Fundamentals

Lesson 1 Starting Word 2007

Lesson 2 What's New in Word 2007

Lesson 3 Understanding the Word 2007 Program Screen

Lesson 4 Understanding the Ribbon

Lesson 5 Using the Office Button and Quick Access Toolbar

Lesson 6 Using Keyboard Commands

Lesson 7 Using Contextual Menus and the Mini Toolbar

Chapter Two: Document Basics

Lesson 1 Creating a New Document

Lesson 2 Inserting and Deleting Text

Lesson 3 Saving a Document

Lesson 4 Opening a Document

Lesson 5 Selecting and Replacing Text

Lesson 6 Using Undo, Redo and Repeat

Lesson 7 Navigating through a Document

Lesson 8 Viewing a Document

Lesson 9 Working with the Document Window

Lesson 10 Viewing Multiple Document Windows

Lesson 11 Previewing and Printing a Document

Chapter Three: Working with and Editing Text

Lesson 1 Checking Spelling and Grammar

Lesson 2 Using Find and Replace

Lesson 3 Using Word Count and the Thesaurus

Lesson 4 Inserting Symbols and Special Characters

Lesson 5 Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text

Lesson 6 Using the Office Clipboard

Lesson 7 Moving and Copying Text Using the Mouse

Chapter Four: Formatting Characters and Paragraphs

Lesson 1 Changing Font Type

Lesson 2 Changing Font Size

Lesson 3 Changing Font Color and Highlighting Text

Lesson 4 Changing Font Styles and Effects

Lesson 5 Creating Lists

Lesson 6 Changing Paragraph Alignment

Lesson 7 Adding Paragraph Borders and Shading

Lesson 8 Changing Line Spacing

Lesson 9 Changing Spacing Between Paragraphs

Lesson 10 Using the Format Painter

Lesson 11 Setting Tab Stops

Lesson 12 Adjusting and Removing Tab Stops

Lesson 13 Using Left and Right Indents

Lesson 14 Using Hanging and First Line Indents


Updated 10/21/2008