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Microsoft Word 2007 Advanced Course Outline

This course is designed for advanced Microsoft Word 2007 users.

Microsoft Word 2007 Advanced User Features.

office2007_professional_boxLG.jpgChapter One Collaborating with Other Programs

Lesson 1 About Objects
Lesson 2 Collaborating with Excel
Lesson 3 Collaborating with PowerPoint
Lesson 4 Modifying an Object
Lesson 5 Inserting Text from Another File
Lesson 6 Converting Documents

Chapter Two: Working with Templates

Lesson 1 Creating a Document Template
Lesson 2 Using a Document Template
Lesson 3 Copying Styles between Documents and Templates
Lesson 4 Attaching a Different Template to a Document
Lesson 5 Creating Building Blocks
Lesson 6 Using Building Blocks

Chapter Three: Working with Forms


Lesson 1 Creating a New Form
Lesson 2 Adding Content Controls
Lesson 3 Assigning Help to Form Content Controls
Lesson 4 Preparing the Form for Distribution
Lesson 5 Filling Out a Form

Chapter Four: Working with Web Pages

Lesson 1 Saving a Document as a Web Page
Lesson 2 Modifying and Viewing a Web Page
Lesson 3 Using Hyperlinks
Lesson 4 Specifying Web Options
Lesson 5 Working with Blog Posts


Chapter Five: Advanced Topics


Lesson 1 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Lesson 2 Using and Customizing AutoCorrect
Lesson 3 Changing Word's Default Options
Lesson 4 Recovering Your Documents
Lesson 5 Using Microsoft Office Diagnostics
Lesson 6 Viewing Document Properties and Finding a File
Lesson 7 Saving a Document as PDF or XPS
Lesson 8 Adding a Digital Signature to a Document
Lesson 9 Recording a Macro
Lesson 10 Playing and Deleting a Macro
Lesson 11 Editing a Macro's Visual Basic Code



Updated 10/21/2008