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eLearning 2.0

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eLearning 2.0 is so much more than just putting talking heads, text (Wiki) or images (YouTube) on the web. eLearning allows you to deliver your content globally any time and anywhere. eLearning is designed for self-motivated learners as a guided, self directed, interactive learning experience. eLearning provides a thorough learning experience by incorporating features designed to improve your proficiency and boost your productivity.

At Midwest Computing Solutions we believe that eLearning should meet the requirements of the three main learning styles of visual, audio and kinesthetic in a mutlisensory learning environment.

Why is e-learning a more effective solution?

  • eLearning is more cost effective than classroom delivery
  • travel restrictions often limit access to classroom training
  • eLearning has higher skill/knowledge retention rates than classroom delivery
  • eLearning has shorter time to completion than classroom delivery
  • eLearning is more flexible and goes beyond online learning
  • eLearning content is available for review

eLearning is the solution.

We offer custom eLearning course development based on our customers content and needs. We use state of the art media mashing tools to stitch PowerPoint's, voice recording, video, image files, video, direct camera, audio files and screen captures to produce a professional final product that is easy to edit and quickly update.

Midwest Computing Solutions gathers new or existing content from subject matter experts within your organization and takes it to a whole new level. We create informative, engaging, learning environments using the latest media mashing tools to stitch content from many sources and deliver it to your knowledge consumers through a number of source options including:

  • Web portals
  • Web servers
  • Network Servers
  • SCORM conformant Learning Management Systems
  • Media including CD
  • Podcast
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Media sharing sites like IgniteCAST.com

To ensure that our e-Learning solutions work hard to facilitate your business goals, our professional staff provides expert assistance during all phases of set-up, deployment, and use.

Courses can be developed to support help desks, new hire training, program changes, new application rollout and much more.

Develop new or use existing content

Midwest Computing Solutions can convert your company-specific course content into state-of-the-art elearning utilizing our Course Development Team. Our experienced team can create or re-purpose content as WBT to achieve the desired business results for any organization. Working with your Subject Matter Experts (SME), we can design courses that cover topics basic and advanced, complex and technical,. You can work with us to develop custom e-Learning for your organization, or do some or all of your course development in-house. If desired, you can also maintain the course content for quick changes.

At Midwest Computing solutions we believe in “ Green eLearning .” “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Jeff Holth at SCATE Technologies defines it as follows.

Reduce the size and complexity of what you create. The more complex you make it, the longer it takes to produce, while your learners plod through their daily tasks uninformed.

Reuse interactions and scenarios you've already built. You don't have to re-brand it, just explain that “this example from a similar situation” will help them to understand the concept.

Recycle the content your subject matter experts have already created! They do know what they are doing when it comes to their jobs, and they've captured it in movies, PowerPoints, emails, you name it. It may not be polished, but it can be used effectively in a mashup for example.

Some examples of what MCS offers for eLearning content enhancements are:

  • Development of accessible and inclusive learning resources and environments
  • Development of interactive learning aids and environments for Web
  • Testing and assessment tools for pre and post evaluation.
  • Content published to CD and other sources
  • Supportive print material
  • Utilization of existing and new audio and video technologies.
  • Text and speech for hearing or vision impaired
  • Delivery of source content so that you can make edits if desired.

For a review of your requirements contact David Rafferty . drafferty@mwcomputing.com


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