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About eLearning eLearning What is eLearning?
eLearning can be generally defined as a teaching by means of IT. This description is very general and includes various educational activities (self-studying, on-line lectures, discussions and group work on-line) conducted using various technologies and equipment (training in Internet, company intranet, CDs, portable devices etc.). In eLearning, modern technologies are used at every stage of teaching process, from planning and development of training, through its implementation and distribution, to administrating and results evaluation.

elearning diagram eLearning is getting more and more popular both in traditional education and business. In the information era, e-training proves to be a very effective tool of educating employees and, as a result, increasing efficiency of particular departments and companies in general.

Increasing popularity of eLearning can be proven by the fact that it belongs to the fastest growing branches of IT and education markets. It is a result of advantages and economic reasons. eLearning proves to be cheaper than other forms of education - and savings are bigger every time when the number of training participants rises and retention rates appear to be higher with eLearning.

At the moment, large and medium companies, and public institutions of higher education are those who benefit from eLearning the most. But eLearning is getting more commonly used in smaller companies as well as in other educational institutions.

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